Toronto Public Transport (TTC): take the subway (or streetcars) to get everywhere

Toronto public transport (aka TTC) works very well. You can take subway to get almost anywhere in downtown. If some places are not close to any subway station you may use streetcars or buses to get there.

The funny thing is that there are not tickets for Toronto subway/streetcars, actually. To use TTC you need tokens: small coins with a golden frame. TTC tokens are smaller than 1-cent coins. One TTC token costs $2.75.

Toronto TTC token public transport subway

Toronto Subway is also known as “The Rocket”: Ride the rocket! Toronto Subway is a convenient way to travel through Downtown or even further places like Yorkdale or Scarborough. And when you get out of the subway, you can use streetcars to reach your destination.

Toronto TTC Public Transport Subway Ride the Rocket

I am surprised that even during the winter, with heavy snow, Toronto TTC Streetcars works pretty well. No huge delays or problems of any sort. You have to get a ticket (token) before getting on, though. They don’t sell tickets on board. Although, if you use a token for the subway, you can get a Transfer and get on a streetcar at no cost.

Toronto TTC Streetcar public transport