Awesome VEGAN Restaurant in Bloor St next to Spadina Subway Station (Toronto Downtown)

From the outside nothing warns you that you are not going to eat meat (or egg, or cheese) at all. But when you come in, you start to feel something. At the appetizer you start to taste the difference. At the main dish you will think “What the heck is it?”.

Spring Roll (are they spring rolls?).

Vegan Restaurant Toronto

Awesome soup.

Vegan Soup


Vegan Hamburger Vegan Hamburger closed

Amazing Cake.

vegan Cake Toronto

Not-so-bad espresso.

Vegan Toronto

Overall, I recommend that you try Fresh by Juice For Life on Bloor St. – the experience is worth the visit (and the bill).

Fresh by Juice for Life
(416) 531-2635
326, Bloor St. W
Toronto, ON

BONUS: Bowen reactions and facial expressions after trying vegan food ^_^

Bowen trying vegan Food


How does free internet works at Aroma Espresso Bar in Toronto (Bloor Street West)

As a customer, you have free internet at Aroma Espresso Bar.


Here how it works: you buy something at Aroma Espresso Bar, whatever you want. Let’s say you decide to buy a double espresso. Then the teller will give you a receipt. Keep it. On the receipt you will find a name and a password.

Look at the end of the Aroma Espresso Bar’s receipt: there is a special note for laptop users. Here what you will find

Laptop Users
Kindly sit on a bar stool
WiFi User Name: aroma
WiFi Password: guestXYZW

Where XYZW are actually numbers. You can connect to the Aroma Espresso Bar’s WiFi network and then load a webpage on your web browser. Any webpage. You will see the Aroma Espresso Bar’s web login screen, and then you have to type the user name (aroma) and your password (e.g. guest9934).

The good thing: Aroma’s WiFi is free for customers and it seems pretty fast.

The bad thing: you need a full browser to access Aroma’s WiFi. I tried it on my iPhone. I just don’t know on other cell phones.

Aroma Espresso Bar - 500 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M5S qY3

Eat real Chinese Food in Toronto: Sichuan Hot Spicy Chinese Restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown

Eat Chinese Food in Toronto Sichuan Hot Spicy Restaurant in Toronto's Chinatown

Do you like Chinese food? Do you want to try one of the best Chinese Restaurants in Downtown Toronto?

So, you should try Sichuan Garden Restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown. Here are all the details you need. Be careful though, the food from Sichuan Chinese Province is very hot and very spicy! Enjoy your meal!

Sichuan Garden
(416) 593-6265
Kensington Market/Chinatown
359 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON