Eat Good Italian Food in Toronto: TERRONI Italian Restaurant in Adelaide St.

Toronto has a quite big Italian community. I am italian myself and I can easily tell if a restaurant offers real italian food or not. a friend (thanks Les!) suggested me to try Terroni Restaurant in Downtown Toronto. There are a couple of Terroni restaurants in Downtown Toronto: I went to the one conveniently located in Adelaide St. I guess the food is from Souther Italy. Overall the taste is not too different from a real Italian restaurant in Italy.

Terroni Restaurant Toronto

We started with a soup which was very good. Then I had a pizza (very good), Bowen had a Lasagna (not too good, it seems it is warmed in the microwave) and then we ordered a typical italian dessert: Tiramis├╣ (picture). The dessert was good, although it had a slight american taste.

Terroni Restaurant Toronto (Dessert)

After all, this restaurant has a nice atmosphere, good food and service is not bad: Enjoy Italian food in Toronto!

(416) 203-3093
Between King St & Queen St
57 Adelaide St E
Toronto, ON


Have fun outside Toronto for a Weekend: take a ride out to Blue Mountains!

Want to spend a nice weekend outside Toronto during the winter?
Take a ride out to Blue Mountains!

Road from Toronto to Blue Mountains Collingwood Ontario

Blue Mountains is a famous skiing place not far from Toronto (approx. <3hrs driving). From Toronto, you have to take the Highway 400 North to Barrie and take exit 98. You cannot miss it. Just keep on going on Highway 26 west to Collingwood when out of the highway.

Driving from Toronto - Bad weather conditions in Collingwood

During the winter, snow storms are quite likely to happen, so be prepared to drive in bad conditions. If you are not comfortable with driving in the snow, you had better leave Toronto in the morning just in time to get to Collingwood with the daylight.

Mountain Springs in  Blue Mountain Ontario not far from Toronto

Personally, I have been to Mountain Springs Resort. It is a very nice and warm resort. Although, during the winter it is very crowded and not every room is as nice as it appears on leaflets and on their website. We had water leaking from the ceiling: we moved to a new upgraded room but I guess that there are big building materials quality issues at Mountain Springs Resort. I had a great time with Bowen anyway ^_^

Blue Mountains Village Collingwood Ontario Toronto

The main village of Blue Mountains is not far from Mountains Springs, which is located in Skiing place number 4. Every resort will provide you with a small convenient map: there are 4 areas in Blue Mountains. The main village of Blue Mountains is between number 1 and number 2.

Blue Mountains Skiing Collingwood Ontario Toronto Ski

Even if many Torontonians and Canadians come to Blue Mountains for skiing, as a European I feel that the Mountain is actually only a small hill. But I guess that for low-skilled snowboarders this place is very funny. You can easily go down the hill without worrying of hurting yourself.

Want a break from Toronto’s busy life? Enjoy Blue Mountains|